Mobilizing Equal Employment Rights: The Social and Political Determinants of Discrimination Complaints (2009–2018) in Sociological Quarterly

ABSTRACT This article explores the regional and national determinants of workplace discrimination complaints across the US states from 2009–2018. Drawing on the EEOC charge data...

The Regional Determinants of Collective Action in the Era of American Resistance, Journal For and About Social Movements, forthcoming.

AbstractThis study investigates the regional determinants of collective action in the era of “AmericanResistance.” Drawing on a new dataset from “Count Love”—a machine learning...

”The Optimism of the Intellect: Erik Olin Wright’s Real Utopias Project” Palgrave Encyclopaedia of the Possible

When radical critics of capitalism become desperate for empirical models that embody their aspirations, wishful thinking can triumph over sober assessments. The complementary danger...

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